provider pushing woman in wheelchair

Patient & Family Assistance Fund

Everyone deserves the care and compassion of the health care providers at CHI Saint Joseph Health, yet not everyone can afford every payment. That’s where the CHI Saint Joseph Health Foundations step in to help.

We provide financial assistance for patients who need it and for our hospital employees who find themselves in need. Shame is a powerful emotion, and one we are here to alleviate. We have several different types of support and resources in place, all designed to ease the insurmountable burden of financial straits. 

For example, finding a ride for a medical appointment is out of the realm of possibility for many of our vulnerable populations. Some people don’t know where to start. They may lack the technological capability of navigating public transportation, or they may not be physically able to get on a bus alone. Transportation should not be a deterrent for seeking medical care. Through the CHI Saint Joseph Health Foundations, patients can be connected with hope and help.

The Patient & Family Assistance Fund is just one of the programs established by the CHI Saint Joseph Health Foundations. We believe everyone deserves dignity and respect.

Your gift to this fund is gratefully appreciated.

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