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Humankindness Havens

Clothing is a basic human necessity. Thanks to donations from community members and hospital employees, we can gratefully provide clothing to patients in need through a haven of compassion.

We call this compassion in action a Humankindness Haven. One has been set up in each CHI Saint Joseph Health hospital we serve. Volunteers sort the donations of clothing and shoes so that particular items can be easily found for an individual patient. The Humankindness Havens also accept donations of nonperishable food.

In addition to these basic necessities, the CHI Saint Joseph Health Foundations provide a list of resources for patients who need social services. We know that patients who have a support system when they leave the hospital are better able to heal, but not everyone has a system in place. We do what we can to support patients in need, including providing them with a list of community services and centers in their community.

Help us keep our Humankindness Havens stocked and organized by clicking on the link below. Donation hours vary by location. 

Humankindness Havens Wishlist